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Clicca per ingrandire la foto“Il Medioevo” was opened in 2000, at the first floor of an important historical building dated back to 1300. As our documents attest ,the building was the ancient Farm of the medieval town in the XVII century. The Farm was the place where principal products, as cereals, olive oil, wine, Vin Santo… furnished by the 30 holdings that belonged to the property, were selected and stored. One of the most renowned owners of this property was The Marquis Scipione Bargagli, Prime Minister Of Tuscany during the reign of Grand Duke Leopoldo II.
After many years of hard work, with the help of competent local artisans , we restored the ancient farm, keeping its original style and paying great attention to every detail.
The restaurant with its elegant furnishing, its stone walls, brick arches ,the fireplace , the ceiling with bricks, wood and original oak beams and its original floor tiles, offers a refined and intimate atmosphere.

Grand Gourmet restaurant Il Medioevo - Via Coppoli, Montefollonico (Siena) Toscana - P.IVA 887190528
Tel. +39 0577 669488 +39 0577 668026 - Fax +39 0577 668800